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Your Story Matters – Recap of January 2019 Meeting with Speaker Karen Chellew

I wanted to know my story and in knowing my story
maybe I know a little about yours.
— Bruce Springsteen

“Everyone has a story.”  That’s something you’ll hear us say often at Sisters U. Each month we have a guest speaker as well as a Sister of the Month speak and share her story.  This January we had our Sisters U founder and president, Karen Chellew, speak with us on the importance of telling and owning our personal story, while sharing some about her background, how her story was cultivated and different experiences that brought her to where she is today. 

Not only is Karen a mother and founder of Sisters U, she is also co-founder of My Divorce Solution and has worked in the legal field for 30 years.  She’s passionate about helping others in general, and in her work she empowers those going through the life transition of divorce so that they are not alone in navigating that process and can continue to live their best life.  She has also run for local office and is very community-oriented. 

Karen drove home the point that everyone has a story, and that we should be confident in our stories and what’s led us to where we are today.  “Tell your story for yourself.  Its honesty, its pain, its mistakes, its choices, its fun, its pleasure, its passion, its time and its persistence.  It’s telling your story and your truth telling and my truth telling.  Our story does matter.  It’s our life, the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the challenges, the accomplishments and everything that lies in between.  It’s about you, it’s about me, it’s about us.” 

Her words were moving for all of us.  When you embrace your life, and your story, whether through journaling, blogging, art, public speaking, photography or a recipe book, you encourage others to tell their story.  You never know when someone will be inspired, motivated, or just needed to hear your story so they could say, ”that happened to me too,” and someone in the world feels a little less alone because of you.  Instead of comparing our lives, we grow more when we encourage each other to share or embrace our own story, our authenticity, and lift each other up in the process. 

Many thanks to Erin Plank for writing this blog post.

February 2017 Meeting - Celebrating Six Years of Sisters U

Thank you to everyone who attended our 6th Anniversary Celebration! Held during our February 2017 monthly meeting, we toasted six years of connecting and empowering individual women to be their authentic selves and reach their full potential. 

We enjoyed a wine tasting presented by Elayne Brick, proprietor of The Washington House Restaurant and Hotel and Sellersville Theater. We learned how to enjoy the fullness of flavor in each wine and decide what we liked best. Thank you, Elayne!

June 2016 Meeting - The Evolution of Success


Women have been told, "You can have it all!" And we can. Except now we're discovering that having it all doesn't mean having it all at once. Life is a series of chapters. What does it mean to "have it all" within each stage of life?

Join us Thursday, June 16, 7-9pm, when we'll examine this with Pamela Varkony, an internationally known writer, speaker and women's advocate. Pamela has devoted her adult life to women's rights and empowerment around the world, including two fact-finding missions to Afghanistan. Born and raised in Haycock Township, Bucks County, she is currently working on a women's leadership book, "Ten Rules for Ladies."

For our June meeting we'll return to Sisters U HQ, 528 West Market Street in Perkasie. Many thanks to Emily Smith and exida for hosting our meetings these past few months. Get your tickets today!


The Value of Women's Voices - May 2016 Meeting Recap

Our May meeting was all about using your voice. It started with the circuitous journey of our Sister of the Month, singer-turned-yoga studio owner, Jessica D'Angelo and continued with a terrific talk from Colleen Lutz Clemens, PhD on how as women, we often censor ourselves and silence our voices. She shared how we can be aware of this as it happens and make sure we are heard. Colleen is the Assistant Professor of Non-Western Literature at Kutztown University and beginning in the Fall 2016 will serve as their Director of Women's and Gender Studies.

Thanks to Exida for our meeting space, Sherah Cooney for capturing the essence of our meeting with her photography and Spallone Media for the speaker video services.

May 2016 Meeting - The Value of Women's Voices


Can you remember a time you wanted to be heard and weren't? 

What do you do if you feel like you aren't being heard? 

Why does what you have to say matter?

What you have to say does matter.  As women, we often have the dual task of communicating and maneuvering our messaging to ensure we are heard.  Sometimes, the process is so exhausting it's tempting to give up.  Join us for our May meeting when Colleen Lutz Clemens -- mother, partner, scholar, teacher, writer, and advocate -- will lead us in a discussion on being heard and having our words valued.  Colleen is the Assistant Professor of Non-Western Literature at Kutztown University and beginning in the Fall 2016 will serve as their Director of Women's and Gender Studies.

Jessica D'Angelo, our Sister of the Month, will also share her story.  Treat yourself to an evening of time just for you.

Join us!