Sisters U Turns 8 and The Philly Unknown Project

Hello Readers, and Happy Spring!  As March phases out, and everything starts to bloom, here at Sisters U we have been very busy bees getting everything prepared for one of our most exciting events of the year – Best Foot Forward!  So on April 6, bring your aunts, sisters, cousins, mom, daughters and besties to experience our breakout sessions, vendors, food and fashion!  More information on the event and tickets can be found here.

To recap the last two months…

In February we celebrated our 8-year anniversary with Brett Souder of Alderfer Auction and had an exciting night with a live auction and bidding on donated items from local businesses and our sisters.  Brett’s career as an auctioneer began when he was a teenager and he was named 2017 Auctioneer of the Year by the Pennsylvania Auctioneer’s Association.  He had the whole room laughing and very involved in the bidding process.  It was a great way to celebrate turning 8!

This last month we had Britt James Carpenter come speak with us about his non-profit organization, The Philly Unknown Project.  Britt’s organization connects with the homelessness and addiction that occurs in Philadelphia, which he mentioned, is much greater a number than is actually tallied up statistically due to many people and circumstances being overlooked.  Britt also has a radio show on USALA Radio “Be a Voice” and is the owner of Muttropolitan Pet Sitting. 

Britt shared his story and experiences with us that led him to where he is today, and it was a very moving topic for the room.  From his journey through corporate work experiences and personal struggles, Britt told us that the building of his current organizations weren’t just for others; they were positive moves for his life as well.

One thing is for sure – Britt left us feeling inspired and like we could do more to help others in need, even if it just meant listening or creating something like a care package.  If you’re interested in getting involved with his project or learning more, you can find information via his website and Facebook page