June 2016 Meeting - The Evolution of Success


Women have been told, "You can have it all!" And we can. Except now we're discovering that having it all doesn't mean having it all at once. Life is a series of chapters. What does it mean to "have it all" within each stage of life?

Join us Thursday, June 16, 7-9pm, when we'll examine this with Pamela Varkony, an internationally known writer, speaker and women's advocate. Pamela has devoted her adult life to women's rights and empowerment around the world, including two fact-finding missions to Afghanistan. Born and raised in Haycock Township, Bucks County, she is currently working on a women's leadership book, "Ten Rules for Ladies."

For our June meeting we'll return to Sisters U HQ, 528 West Market Street in Perkasie. Many thanks to Emily Smith and exida for hosting our meetings these past few months. Get your tickets today!