May 2016 Meeting - The Value of Women's Voices


Can you remember a time you wanted to be heard and weren't? 

What do you do if you feel like you aren't being heard? 

Why does what you have to say matter?

What you have to say does matter.  As women, we often have the dual task of communicating and maneuvering our messaging to ensure we are heard.  Sometimes, the process is so exhausting it's tempting to give up.  Join us for our May meeting when Colleen Lutz Clemens -- mother, partner, scholar, teacher, writer, and advocate -- will lead us in a discussion on being heard and having our words valued.  Colleen is the Assistant Professor of Non-Western Literature at Kutztown University and beginning in the Fall 2016 will serve as their Director of Women's and Gender Studies.

Jessica D'Angelo, our Sister of the Month, will also share her story.  Treat yourself to an evening of time just for you.

Join us!