U Magazine encourages women from diverse backgrounds to create connections, gain knowledge and open doors to strategic alliances that help build self-esteem and stronger communities. Its goal is to create and elevate more women leaders in Bucks and Montgomery counties by providing a platform to learn, share ideas and mentor others. Editorial content explores topics relevant to women, focusing on entrepreneurship, business, careers, work/family balance, community and general health and wellness. U Magazine delivers engaging and relevant commentary, marketing and educational content, and fellowship initiatives that strengthen families, careers, the workplace and our community.

U Magazine is mailed directly to the home or business of over 1500 professional women within Bucks/Montgomery area. Complementary copies are also mailed into more than 1,000 doctor, dentist, allied health and beauty salon waiting rooms, and other high traffic locations throughout the Bucks and Montgomery county areas. Copies are also delivered in bulk for distribution through select retail locations and women’s events within Bucks and Montgomery counties. It is read and shared by more than 35,000 women and business leaders throughout the distribution footprint.

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