At Sisters U, we connect and empower individual women to be their authentic selves and reach their full potential.



It occurs to me, that we wake up in the morning throw off the covers and begin our day of lists and schedules that run our life.  Lists and schedules that never allow us to tap into those personal skills and talents that harness our passions, fulfill our purpose, and generate confidence. As women we spend our lives identifying other’s skills and talents and doing everything we can to facilitate the needs of others — family members, friends, employers, and co-workers — at the expense of our own, leaving us exhausted, and emotionally depleted, starving for love, craving attention, and demanding affirmation.

Sisters U® was created to provide a place where every woman, no matter where in her journey, can find acceptance, resources and encouragement to identify what makes her different from every person in this entire world, and find the strength to step out in that
knowledge to live the life for which she was created.

— KAREN CHELLEW, CEO & Founder of Sisters U®


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